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The Salty Forkers

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I know you're probably wondering "What in the world is a Salty Fork?" Since starting this company, that seems to be the most popular question we receive. Well, I can honestly tell you that I myself might have asked that question a few years ago, prior to meeting my husband and his wonderful family, who have since become my own. Let me try to explain...

You see, it isn't just about being salty, or even about a fork. Over the last two decades, my husband John's father cooked up a fraternity of sorts for the official summer family get-together and created what is called the OOSF or the Order of the Salty Fork. In that time, John's father also proclaimed himself the MHF (Most High Forker) and created our official family brand, the "Salty Forkers." I can't take credit for any of this y'all.

Now before I lose you, to some, this might start to sound a little out there. But to someone like me who grew up in a small family with little to no traditions, not only did I find this fascinating, I was ALL IN. I've even created a company to embody the spirit of it!

The Salty Forkers have their family get-togethers a few times a year. There are shenanigans and traditions, most of which I cannot even share publicly for fear that I could be "de-pronged" as it were, since these are all secret family stories and traditions that get passed on from year to year. There's even a process for being initiated into the clan! It's not just for family, but family friends as well. You just have to meet a few certain criteria ;) But I can tell you that everything keeps in theme with being salty or having to do with our famous badge of belonging, our beloved three-pronged cocktail fork, which you will see used in our branding. There is even a Golden Fork Award which goes to that person who has been deemed the saltiest all year by the almighty MHF. 

The spirit that encompasses what being a Salty Fork is all about: BRINGING THE FAMILY TOGETHER. So I created this company to honor that spirit. 

The Salty Fork Co is a family brand meant to embody the modern salty lifestyle, whether in retail, or real life. Being salty is about caring for others and honoring tradition. Our retail shop is no different. We honor the past by offering eclectic vintage goods, and we care for others by offering an array of products meant to inspire togetherness and family.

I am proud and honored to be a part of this brand and tribe every day. I hope to continue every tradition created for us. And I hope to create new traditions for years to come. 

Salty Wishes,

Molly Kunkel
Founder, CEO